Juniper & Sweetgrass Body Oil


Infused juniper needles, sweetgrass and sage flowers in organic sunflower oil create an uplifting lubricant that stimulates the circulatory system and cleansing the mind.

Ingredients: Juniper**, Sweetgrass**, Sage flowers*, Sunflower oil*, Avocado oil*, Baobab oil*, Argan oil*, Vitamin E oil (mixed Tocopherols from NON-GMO Soy sources), a blend of essential oils*.

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Organic sunflower oil infused with juniper needles**, sweetgrass**, and sage flowers* creates a skin-softening lubricant that stimulates the circulatory system. Other benefits include illuminating the skin, promoting a positive mindset, and supporting the body in detox and balance. And the best part – it smells divine!

  • anti-inflammatory
  • help diminish cellulite
  • softens the skin
  • strengthening and detoxifying
  • stimulates circulation
  • cleansing to the mind
  • sweet and uplifting juniper and sweetgrass smell
  • great in bath
  • warming joins

Juniper needles** – pain relieving + relaxing, warms cold and cramping muscles and can soothe the pain of osteoarthritis; anti-fungal, aromatic, can help to clear fungal infections

Sweetgrass: rejuvenating, moisturizing and relaxing

Sunflower oil* – strong skin softening and regenerating effects, promotes blood circulation, and helps heal skin diseases

Argan oil* – strengthens and soothes the skin

Baobab oil* – excellent regenerative and moisturizing benefits, helps to heal small inflammations and skin problems such as acne or psoriasis, promotes deep skin hydration, and protects it from dryness and irritation; [rotects skin from free radical damage, high in vitamin C and omega fatty acids (regulate the skin’s oil production, improve balanced hydration, subdue breakouts and minimize signs of aging)

Avocado oil* – moisturizer; contains high amounts of vitamins A, B1, B2, D & E

Vitamin E oil – a natural antioxidant from non-GMO soy sources

Note: Do not use it during pregnancy! 

*Organic **Wildcrafted


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