My name is Petra, a Czech native living in beautiful Whitefish, Montana, since 2016, and I’m the face and maker behind Moji Herbals. My passion is to make herbal skincare and potions for a better being and connect people with nature through my creations.

Most herbs I use in my formulations are wildcrafted in Montana or organically grown. The whole process, from collecting herbs each season, designing a label with a hand-drawn plant, and making a nourishing product from the best possible ingredients, brings me great joy and satisfaction.

I would be delighted to share the wonders of these magical plants with you!

p.s.  English is not my first language, so please excuse any misspeilings or unconducive adjectives.  😉

All of my labels are illustrated by me

The Farmers’ Stand, Whitefish, MT

Polebridge Mercantile, Polebridge, MT

Uptown Hearth, Columbia Falls, MT

I believe that Nature provides its own healing resources and we should treat her with respect and care.


I harvest only in areas of plant abundance with healthy patches and plant populations leaving minimal evidence I was there.  If collecting flowers or buds, I always take only a few from any given plant and leave them to flourish and continue to grow for the future.  When harvesting root systems,  even more care is given and they are used to their full extent.

Exchange Energy

Every time I collect herbs, I leave an expendable part of myself: some prayer, a song or a nice personal gift in exchange for my harvest.

Learning from the Earth

Plants have existing and evolved with this Earth for millions of years, adapting to their environment, learning to heal themselves.  The plants we currently share this Earth with have made a long evolutionary journey!  And humans have existed alongside plants for tens of thousands of years – our biology comes from and is intertwined with these wise beings.  We should always learn from Earth’s intelligent techniques for ensuring perpetual abundance and peace.

Food and inner Peace

I strongly believe in healthy food as a very important part of a healthy lifestyle and good way to take care of our planet. The source of our food, by whom and how it was grown, has a big impact on our health and therefore our planet.

It’s important to remember that natural cosmetics alone are not enough to solve skin problems.  Everything is connected.  Healthy food, suitable cosmetics, frequent movement and stress-free life are closely linked to welfare, health and a happy life.

Come from the Heart

All important things come from the heart.  Making herbal cosmetics for me is a Path of Passion and Love coming exactly from that place.

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